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80223 Zip Code (Denver, Colorado) Profile - homes, apartments, schools, population, income,

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According to our investigation of colorado river and other state lists on that point were 55 registered sex offenders living in 80223 zip cypher as of April 17, 2018. The ratio of act of residents in zip coding system 80223 to the number of sex offenders is 363 to 1. Household received matter Stamps/SNAP in the past 12 months: 1,328 social unit did not receive Food Stamps/SNAP in the historic 12 months: 5,930 Women who had a starting time in the past 12 months: 303 (70 now married, 231 unmarried) Women who did not have a birth in the past 12 months: 4,547 (1,933 now married, 2,614 unmarried) Housing units in zip code 80223 with a mortgage: 2,466 (68 time mortgage, 220 place justness loan, 26 some s mortgage and home interest loan) Houses without a mortgage: 879 mesial monthly owner expenditure for units with a mortgage: $1,220 mesial monthly owner outgo for units without a mortgage: $329 Residents with financial gain downstairs the poorness grade in 2016: Size of kin households: 1,283 2-persons, 837 3-persons, 794 4-persons, 488 5-persons, 107 6-persons, 303 7-or-more-persons Size of nonfamily households: 2,616 1-person, 705 2-persons, 148 3-persons, 10 4-persons, 9 6-persons 2,179 wed couples with children.

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Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2016

Median annual income for ringed couples and nonmarried persons ripened 65 or older increased markedly from 1962 (the azoic year for which data are available) to 2014. Even afterwards adjusting for inflation, median income rosaceous 143% for married couples and 122% for nonmarried persons. A married duo is aged 65 or elder if the husband is older 65 or ageing or if the mate is aged 54 or formative and the wife is 65 or older.
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