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Paraphilia is a term used in the medical accord that describes intersexual arousal plagiarized from atypical stimulants, including nonconscious objects, situations, and individuals. Paraphilics customarily get excited in extreme situations that cause distress for others and/or themselves. The term paraphilia was coined in the 1920’s and late made common in an endeavour to discover the preferences of these individuals without derogatory judgments.

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Custom Kinks are a lineament on F-List that allows you to appoint a new plication that will be added to your lean and testament appear in bold. This is useful if you essential to highlight something as thomas more important, add thing that is not already present on the default list, to modify tastes on a peculiarly kink, or to group other kinks together to shorten up your list. There is also a feature film that volition allot you to use a tailor-made plication as a geographic region to store other kinks. Age: 32. i just love ....... fucking men with a feet fetish. i am so horny that i even masturbate at work at the ladies restrooms among other places or fuck myself with a dildo.

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list : sexual fetishes -

Acomoclitic - from hairless genitals Acrotomophilia - by the thought of having sex with an unfortunate Agoraphilia - by sex in semipublic Algophilia - by atmosphere somaesthesia Alphamegamia - attraction to old men Altocalciphilia - by overflowing heels Anaclitism - infantilism Anophelorastia - from uncleanness Antholagnia - from smell flowers Apotemnophilia - by the idea of decorous an unfortunate person Arachnephilia - by sex show involving spiders Asthenolagnia - by preference or humility Autassassinophilia - fantasizing around one's own masochistic end by mangle Automasochism - inflicting painful sensation or injury on oneself Automysophilia - from being black or defiled Autopederasty - a man inserting his own penis into his sob Autophagy - eating one's own build Avisodomy - sex with a bird Bestialsadism - from torturing or mutilating animals Blastophilia - only once sexually assaulting an unwilling victim Catheterophilia - from catheters Chezolagnia - masturbating while defecating Chrematistophilia - from organism robbed coprophagia - uptake feces Coprophilia - by feces Corephallism - anal sex with girlish girl Cunnilalia - talk about female person genitals oral sex - licking the vulva Dacnolagnomania - lust murder Dippoldism - by beating or flagellating children Doraphilia - the love of fur or skin Ederacinism - intense out the sex organs by the condition Electrophilia - from energy Emetophilia - by vomit or regurgitation Eproctophilia - from flatulence paraphilia - by lurid others with exposure of crotch Fisting - inserting hand, fist, or fortify into the rectum or duct Formicophilia - use of insects for sexual purposes Gerontophilia - attraction to importantly older persons Graophilia - characteristic to senior female Gymnophilia - from nudity Gynemimetophilia - by a female impersonator or a M-to-F transexual Gynonudomania - compulsion to rip clothes off others Harpaxophilia - from robbery Hebephilia - attracter to teenagers Hemotigolagnia - fetich for hygienic pads Hierophilia - by sacred objects (especially self-abuse with crosses) Hirsutophilia - from cavity hair Hybristophilia - from living thing with a partner who is a rapist or murderer Iatronudia - from exposing oneself to a physician Kleptophilia - by hiding Klismaphilia - by enemas Lactaphilia - by lactating breasts Macrogenitalism - from blown-up private parts Maieusiophilia - from heavy women Martymachlia - from having others watch during sex sexual pleasure - from being health problem during sex Medolalia - talking about penises Menophilist - fetish for sick women procreation - sex 'tween two people of diametric races Mucophagy - consuming nasal secretions Mysophilia - from soiled article of clothing Nasolingus - from adenoidal mucous secretion Nasophilia - from a partner's science Necrobestialism - by sex with dead animals Necrochlesis - sex with a female corpse Necrophagy - cannibalizing a corpse Necrophilia - sex with corpses Necrosadism - sexual pleasure or mutilation of corpses Nepiolagnia - by infants of opposite sex Nosolagnia - from knowing partner has station illness Nymphomania/Satyriasis - irrepressible hope of woman/men for sex Nymphophilia - from a feminine immature by an adult Ochlophilia - from the beingness of a crowd Oculophilia - eye juju Oculolinctus - lacing partner's look Odaxelagnia - from biting Odontophilia - from tooth action or projection good luck charm Omolagnia - from nakedness Ophidiophilia - from snakes Ozolagnia - from knockout smells Parthenophagy - uptake young girls or virgins Parthenophilia - desire for virgins Pediophilia - from dolls paedophilia - sex with conference Phallophilia - large penis fetish or preference Phygephilia - from organism a criminal Podophilia - from feet Psychrophilia - from being frozen or observance others state change Pubephilia - os hair Raptophilia - alone from raping a unfortunate person Retifism - by shoes Rhabdophilia - from flagellation sexual pleasure - from injuring others sadism by procurator - from observation others disciplined Spectrophilia - either sex activity with spirit or from mental image in mirrors Stigmatophilia - from better half who is stigmatized Symphorophilia - from arranging a disaster, crash, or explosion Taphephilia - from existence hidden alive Thesauromania - collecting objects or consumer goods happiness to females Thlipsosis - from pinching Thygatria - sex between father and female offspring Transvestitism - from crossdressing Traumaphilia - from wounds or psychological state Tripsolagnia - from having hair manipulated or shampooed Tripsophilia - from organism massaged Urophilia (Urolagnia) - from body waste Vampirism - drinking liquid body substance Vincilagnia - from bondage Voyeurism - looking others paraphilia (Zooerasty) - from animals Doraphilia must have got been what Ed Gein had, and Necrophagy was what Jeffrey Dahmer had. Not to occurrence the skin, but embarrassing adequate to parting lesion marks, lol. ne'er knew whatever of these situation were regular possible to be fetishes.. masochism, odaxelagna(biting), vampirism, bondage... Elizibeth Bathory had a lot of those, she was the sickest and well-nigh deadly broadcast killer in history. Guess I human a touch of Tripsophilia, since I also LOVE effort my filum pulled. I know a few Kleptomaniacs, but I don't know if I'd put them in the same accumulation as guys who fuck assassinated parakeets up the ass while state digitate by an underage amputee. That's another reason I let it originate long, so it can be absorbed up in his fist.
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