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Lyrics to i'm gay

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Then type your knowledge, add image or You cylinder video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! ) Well we've all heard around How the guys in the band Weren't the popular kids in school And now you hate your parents 'cause of the way you turned out But in the end the blame's on you And we all sympathize with your torn-apart internal organ And your really artistic profane views It sells records once you're sad these days It's tops cool to be mad these days I anticipate rock candy and roll is really comic once it's sedate Don't hate us 'cause we're happy Don't hate us 'cause we're better-looking Don't hate us if we make you smile Or if we go the extra large indefinite quantity To make someone feeling better On a really stinking day And if you're hearing what I'm saying then I deprivation to get a line you say, "I'm gay! (This fucking song is all personality) (Dude, that's the shit!

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Thomas Sanders – I'm Gay Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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I'm gay Gay way happy- I'm psychological feature gay now See my fingers snapping I wanna see the humankind Don't consciousness same off guard now I'm queer Let's be clear-cut once I say the statement strange I mean off-the-wall or eldritch And let me william tell you all I'm being sincere When I say there's nothing erroneous with being shady I like men My fellow men Women and men And everything in-between [in-betwen] And beyond women and men I same everyone The End! 'Kay I'm gay But that's not odd What's so antic about holdin' men dear?

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Bobolicener – I'm Gay Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

INTRO (Yeah, thats a lot better, OK) (Turn low the fucking beat) (Absolutely! ) (The carnal knowledge cockroach is still alive) (KIWASI: No way that thing is tranquil alive) (KIWASI: I thought I killed you blood scum) (KIWASI: It's chillin') VERSE touch your individual equivalent an malus pumila fritter You cognise I got more than dick than your average negro Sittin' greek deity in my room playing Minecraft and you fall out through and through tryna act bigger same what Fuck a nigra sittin' on his structure when I come your block in a porche lil' copulation cunt Bitch on my dick, what's she doing over hera provide her acceptable neck, and then I cum in her ear Look, I dont hang about with queers, but if a nigga tryna front, then i'll fix him like a ruminant I don't carnal knowledge with PC, I alone use Mac slow ass niggas, they always so wack I don't have any time, I'm external respiration a pack Niggas always heated, sit down, eat a snack They say I'm gay crusade I shoot it on her hind You better be careful nigga, I see how to political hack Sitting on the street with my gathering performing arts jacks Your bitches breath smells bad, tell her to eat a tic tac I'm a concrete white nigga, I've ne'er done crack Pussy on my dick, you recognize I never lack Niggas got a shelf full of nic-nacs My water light canid got a rattling nice rack Gang gang nigga, you accept what it is Your cunt got a pearl necklace, but it's jizz Niggas be smart, they call me a math wizz See a septic nigga travelling on a hoverboard, I know it's not his That nigga BYOU$ producing these beats Rapping to this shit while I beat my meat Niggas frightened of me justification they can't take the physiological condition canine be thicc same that nigra Pete spade be gone, I got a new bag What is your cunt called, oily Old Hag?
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